About us

Our aim is to make it easy to find the local business that people are looking for.

By providing:

* A directory that will enable potential customers to quickly and easily find the best local business to service their needs.

* Affordable local advertising solutions for all businesses, maximising their exposure across the Internet.

* Opportunities for businesses to effectively differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Local Internet Advertising
It is common knowledge these days that more and more people of all ages are using the Internet to source products and services within their local areas. It is also well known that an overwhelming majority of Internet users now use Google when searching the Internet.

This means that more than ever being found in Google is critical to the success of an online local advertising strategy. This is however, often easier said than done.

Businesses can try to build a website that will rank highly in the main results for relevant keywords or pay for inclusion within the sponsored results for relevant keywords. Each method is achievable and can generate great results.

But both methods can be very expensive, time consuming and laden with confusing jargon.

Another option is to place an online local business listing with us.

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